Recipes, conjurations and remedies for transfeminist futuretopies

The industrial colonies and textile factories of the river Anoia represent the origin of local extractivism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A steampunk nightmare of human exploitation and ecocide. An invention to exploit the river's energy and resources, which at the same time sought to seduce workers and isolate them, far from the workers' movements that were organised in the cities. A century later, some of these spaces have become self-managed infrastructures that work for their autonomy and provide spaces for projects of social transformation.

In order to resurrect from these ruins and give new meaning to an abandoned heritage, remedies are needed. We need recipes that help us to heal these spaces from the predatory past. Conjure up nature with the human life that swarms along the riverbank with appropriate remedies and recipes. Those that are of use, and that arise from particular, casimàgic contexts, and allow us to survive the rust and the rubble, the humidity and the cold stone.

That is why this year, from Hack the Earth (HLT) we call on all those who work to decolonise the future and take it away from the hooves of capitalism. Whether through appropriate technologies, food sovereignty, environmental preservation, transfeminisms, the re-signification of memory or other anti-patricapitalist struggles. A call for radical imaginaries, recipes and remedies with which to remedy industrial toxicity and build together the futures we want.


Because it is not only by eating that we nourish ourselves. Thread related to the connections between people and collectives that work to create alternatives that nourish us. Workshops, activities, market and fair of entities related to cooperation, care, self-management, ecology, local producers, food sovereignty and different initiatives linked to the territory.

Presentation of the Anoia Nature Reserve, an artistic-documentary community initiative aimed at protecting and revaluing the stretch of the Anoia river that passes through Calafou. A stretch that for centuries has suffered the effects of industrial activity in the region.

Activities around remediation and futuretopian imaginaries that seek to heal industrial toxicity with both a holistic and remedy-based approach. From the collective writing of imaginaries to recycling solutions. In search of solutions that reconcile us with the environment, time and ourselves.

Time is mixed-up. We are missing hours for everything. We need to deconstrict it in order to recover a gentler rhythm of living, where the impossible becomes possible again. Playful activities, intempestivities, pauses and lapses, festivities, relaxations or accelerations that, in some way, allow us to breathe, "gain time" and get out of the asphyxiating pre-written temporalities.

Activity Calendar

Do you want to attend Hackeja Earth 2023 or give some workshop, talk, etc?


The arrival on Thursday 1 June, and is open until Sunday 4 June. In the rural community of Calafou, Barcelona.


Calafou is a former industrial colony located in a forest in the Anoia Zone, about an hour's drive from Barcelona and very close to Vallbona train station in .noia. It is an eco-industrial project, supported by self-management and productive projects such as events and residences without subsidies of any kind. The enormous set of estates houses a housing cooperative, but also a space of social, cultural and political creation that has hosted a large number of events and residences during its more than eleven years of life. Calafou is a set of old ships, some completely refurbished and others in a romantic semi-ruinous state in a rural setting. Here you can find out more about the site and the project:
Web de Calafou Wiki


Calafou has a sleeping estate called the Red House. Up to 40 people can sleep in four large rooms. Two of these shared bedrooms have beds and two others are arranged with individual beds. It is important to say that given the characteristics of the space, people who are not accustomed or do not like hostallages like hostels may not see their idyllic place in the Red House. In these cases too, you can bring your beaten van or tent to sleep here, as there is room for both options next to where the event is held.


The event begins on Thursday afternoon with the arrival of lxs assitentes, with a conocimeinto wheel, presentations, dinner and night activities. On Friday and the sabado despues de la breakfast there are activities related to the proposed threads up to lunch time, a break time to continue with workshops and talks up to dinner time. After dinner the proposals will be more playful, with a little party on Saturday night. Sunday will be dedicated to the farmer's market. In these different entities and producers, they will expend their products in the square so that we can go around taste and enjoy street performances, and other surprises. There will be pans to eat.


Thursday 1: 18:00 A.M. Moment from which Assentians can arrive. 21:00 Bienvenida and presentation dynamics. 22.00 H Dinner
Friday 2: 09.00 – 11.00 H. BREAKFAST 11.00 A.M. Start activities tomorrow 14:00 A.M. Food 16.30 A.M. Starts afternoon activities 21:00 Dinner 22.30 H Night Activities
Saturday 3: 09.00 – 11.00 H. BREAKFAST 11.00 A.M. Start activities tomorrow 14:00 A.M. Food 16.30 A.M. Starts afternoon activities 21:00 Dinner 22.30 H Night Activities: Party with music and dance.
Sunday 4: 10.00 H. Latest details of farm market assembly. 14:00 H. Paella.


In order to attend, you must fill out the form you found linked below first, because the places are limited. The stay has a symbolic cost to cover project expenses. The price per person is 50 euros for the whole event. This includes sleeping Thursday, Friday and sabado nights, dinner on Thursday, breakfast, food and dinner on Friday and Saturday. The Sunday pan will be collected on the same day. Payments can be made in cash on the day you arrive or by current account account.


If you have any doubts, write to the desk that appears for this purpose in the registration form and we will be happy to reply.


Call for activities to all those who want to present a workshop, talk or activity related to one of the threads proposed in this edition of 2023: Recipes, conjurations and remedies for transfeminist futuretopies.